Process Painting
is a feelings-based approach to painting
which helps develop self-esteem,
awareness and motivation.
You, your organization or group
can benefit from this valuable team
building process in many ways.

Process Painting provides a unique, fun and
innovative therapeutic art opportunity. It
allows one to trust their intuition and paint from their feelings.
The result is growth in self-confidence, an
inner release of emotions and an appreciation of one's own creativity.
Business people through challenged teens have benefited from this process.

Brady is passionate about art and teaches process painting to guide others to a place of inner peace and discovery about one's self which can be used in our daily lives.

Workshops are designed to provide an open,
supportive, non-competitive and non-judgmental

She works with people of all ages, men, women and children, to celebrate and discover the world of ones imagination, creativity and spontaneity...

"Process Painting has been very important to me. It gives me a way of giving myself a place to write without words. It has been a form of comfort and relief, and is something that has both helped and changed me in many ways."  Izzy


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